Hebrew Language Course

The Importance of Hebrew Language:

Hebrew is the original language of the Bible. It is called the “Holy Language” (lashon Ha’kodesh). It is the language in which the Almighty Spoke forth the Torah to Moses and it is also the language in which the Prophets expressed their revelations. If you want to know the Tanakh (Old Testament) better, you will want to study Hebrew.

 Why we start to teach Hebrew Language in Pakistan:

Shalom Today Ministry feel burden to teach the Hebrew language from grass root level because in Pakistan few people know about the Biblical language even Pastor’s Bishops and Evangelists preached for many years but Sometimes it’s very difficult to understand the original context and perspective of the Bible. Because they don’t know the Biblical language.


On 21 September 2015 Lord gave us vision to teach Holy Language (Hebrew).  We are thankful to

Prof. Tony William who helped us in teaching Hebrew. He is teaching in Punjab University since 2009. And Mr. Moses Julius is also a Student of Hebrew Language in Punjab University.

Shalom Today Ministry arranged 10 days course form 21 September to 1 October 2015 in which 25 students were participated in this course. Some are Pastor’s, Evangelists, bachelor of science Students, Advocate, and factory Employers.


Many people think that it will be too hard to learn Hebrew in 10 days. But they were surprised to see the result. After 10days student learned to read first chapter of “Bereisheet” in Hebrew language. They also learned how to pray in Hebrew and Shema Israel.

Future Planning:

Shalom Today Ministry plan to teach the Hebrew language only for 4-10years old children. We are start working on Hebrew alphabets only for kids.