Sewing Center

The purpose of this Sewing Center is to equip the illiterate girls residing in poverty-stricken areas of Pakistan with the skill of sewing. Our vision is to make the  poor Christian women skillful with this skill so they can generate income to support their families. We currently have four sewing centers in Pakistan.

Most of the girls and women in these sewing centers are house maids or belong to the families of domestic servants. Therefore they are very vulnerable to get persecuted, sexually abused & kidnapped for the name of their religion and  obvious financial instability.

The staff currently working in Pakistan also teaches them the words of God along with the regular lessons. Sewing centre also allows them to be safe, self-sufficient, support their families, develop a sense of worth and most importantly teach them from the Living Words of God.

Any amount you give will make a difference, it will allow us to open up more sewing centers.
Employ more teachers and help these poor women and girls earn a living with dignity.